sample of a BI dashboardReporting

IBM Cognos 10 BI Reporting allows for Institutions to:

  • Track & monitor student success
  • Analyze program enrolment over time
  • Analyze drop-out and stop-out rates
  • Track and monitor student migration rates
  • Provide Mobile Reporting for administrators and educators

In the complex world of education where there has never been greater pressure to show measurable performance results,  IBM Cognos Software Solutions help you understand where funds come from and where they should go: efficiently managed student admissions, financial aid and course schedules, generate proficient compliance reports, and much more.

Graphic showing TM1 workflowPlanning

IBM TM1 Allows for Institution Administrators to plan for the future financially, operationally and strategically.
Using this tool, administrators can:

  • Prepare corporate budgets and plans
  • Plan Headcount requirements based on drivers such as enrolment, marketing initiatives, etc.
  • Perform “what-if” scenario modeling to be able to quickly react to drivers? i.e. what-if there is a double cohort? what if our teachers negotiate a 1.4% raise? What if we get a grant to build a new Library?


Campus mapAnalytics

IBM SPSS Allows educators to:

  • Find the key identifiers associated with drop-out and stop-out rates
  • Identify at-risk students and determine an appropriate intervention
  • Attract and retain the students with the highest probability of successful program completion.


Case Studies

Conestoga College – In less than three months, the college used IBM® Cognos® TM1® to build a comprehensive salary allocation model, introduce sophisticated workflows, and generate both management and external reports.

Alabama State Department of Education – ALSDE collects academic, disciplinary and attendance data from every school district, analyzes over 150 key metrics, and presents results in standardized reports and dashboards.

Compass for Success – Centralized business analytics helps this collaboration of over 30 school boards and organizations improve student achievement.

Edith Cowan University – Business analytics enables this Australian university to predict student load and improve retention.

Hamilton County Department of Education – Hamilton County Department of Education tracks students across their educational lifecycle, enabling educators to identify academic problems early and provide intervention.

Mobile County Public Schools – Mobile County is overcoming low test scores and graduation rates by giving teachers, counselors and principals the information they need to help at-risk students.

Open Universities Australia – Open Universities Australia implemented an analysis and reporting solution based on IBM business analytics to enable better, faster decision-making and enhance productivity.

Wichita State University – Understanding and predicting student recruitment and achievement.